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ESCMID Networking Corner (ENC) / Affiliated Societies Corner (ASC)


As in previous years, ESCMID plans for another ENC/ASC in 2023 in Copenhagen in order to provide an opportunity for ECCMID participants to find information about the increasing number of ESCMID study groups, ESCMID affiliated societies and networks, ESCMID collaborative centres as well as project groups in the fields of clinical microbiology and infectious diseases. This platform existed previously for many years in the form of onsite posters where ECCMID participants could view.


In 2021, ECCMID was hosted entirely online, and so we had the ENC for the first time in a video format. As this video platform proved to be very successful, we continued to offer the ENC in a video format for 2022 and now again for 2023. Videos will be placed on the ECCMID platform, as well as onsite on screens where people can watch them. Each infection network and project, ECC or study group can present a maximum of one video.


All of our partners/networks and study groups will be invited again at the beginning of 2023 with all technical details concerning the limits for the 2023 ENC/ASC videos.

In case you believe you should be part of this group, please do not hesitate to write to the ESCMID office:




Alessandro Pirosa


ESCMID Executive Office


Aeschenvorstadt 55


4051 Basel




Phone +41 78 827 74 71


Email: alessandro.pirosa[at]escmid.org