Warning: There are an increasing number of fraudulent websites that impersonate ECCMID. We would like to alert all our members and delegates to possible scams and we strongly advise you to use only the official ECCMID online registration for your bookings.



The Photobooth is returning to ECCMID!

Board your own ship in the Harbour. Express your fishing skills while taking your souvenir shot at the ECCMID Photobooth!The Photobooth will feature the architecture of the houses of Copenhagen. Sit in the ship and create memories.

The Photobooth is open during the Exhibition hours.




Meeting Boxes


Plan your meetings


In the Exhibition hall, ESCMID provides meeting spaces. The Meeting boxes can be used free of charge and will be bookable onsite. Each meeting shall not last longer than one hour. You can visit the reception desk for further information.

The Meeting boxes can only be booked on the same day.




Personalize your Congress Bag


At ESCMID we are always seeking for ways to make the congress more sustainable.

As per 2023 we will no longer have congress branded bags, but instead have ESCMID bags. these bags can be used for several events for #lesswaste.

In order to give you the possibility to personalize your bag at #ECCMID2023, you will be able to chose between the two designs: