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New at ECCMID 2023

Selective Pressure: Quiz Show

Selective Pressure will be a competitive quiz show, where groups of 4 persons can apply for participation in this brand-new interactive session. Members of the ESCMID community have submitted quiz questions, and ECCMID registrants have put together their teams to compete and claim the Selective Pressure trophy.


All ECCMID participants are welcome to attend this session for an interactive educational and entertaining experience, which will take place Sunday, 16 April 2023, from 13:30 to 15:45 CEST, Hall A. There will be participation opportunities for the general attendees throughout the session. In the semi-final round, the audience will be able to cast their votes along with the official jury and have an influence on the scores of the teams. In the final round, if the teams on stage cannot answer a question it will be opened up to the audience and a correct answer can win you a special ESCMID prize.


You can read more on the Selective Pressure website here.


TAE Research Bites

The Research Bites session  is co-organised by TAE and SAS members, and aims to increase young scientists’ chances, especially from LMICs and economically disadvantaged regions, to give an oral presentation at ECCMID 2023. Six speakers will be selected for this session.


The Research Bites session aims to provide less experienced and/or economically disadvantaged early career researchers additional opportunities to gain a foothold in the scientific community and to advance in their research careers by presenting at ECCMID 2023. As a part of the preparation for the session, each selected presenting author will be coached by an experienced TAE or SAS member on how to efficiently present their research.


Two speakers of this session from LMICs  will be awarded a TAE Research Bites travel grant covering ECCMID 2023 registration and EUR 500 travel expenses.




How to apply for participation in this session?


Submit your abstract in the Research Bite category within the regular ECCMID abstract submission system. Deadline to apply is from 17 October until 16 November 2022.


Who can apply for this session?


ESCMID Young Scientist Members currently in CM/ ID/ IC training or enrolled in a PhD program (proof of training status/PhD status required).


A short motivational letter (max. 250 words), a short CV (one page, no picture) and proof of residency in an LMIC (when applicable) are also requested.


ESCMID TAE and SAS members will select abstracts to be presented from TAE Research Bites abstracts submitted for ECCMID 2023 and notify selected authors by the end of November 2022.


Important: abstracts submitted but not accepted for the TAE Research Bites session will be considered and reviewed with the ECCMID 2023 regular abstracts. 


ePoster flash session

ePoster flash sessions will replace the mini-oral flash session from ECCMID 2022. During this session, speakers will present posters submitted for ECCMID 2023 projected on the screens in the arenas. These short presentations are meant to encourage discussion and networking among speakers and the audience.