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Velkommen til København!


Copenhagen is a compact city packed full of historic buildings, cobblestoned streets and a great mix of cultural delights. Boasting with beautiful architecture and award-winning designs, it has not only been cited as one of the best cities to live in, but also one of the best to visit.

The Capital of Denmark has put sustainability at the forefront of its agenda, as have many of its inhabitants. Initiatives are undergoing to have the city become carbon-neutral by 2025.


More and more, the city aims to become more eco-friendly. Not only are the buses in Copenhagen starting to operate using electricity instead of diesel but even the rental boats use solar energy.

Of note are the colourful buildings, but also the many stunning landmarks scattered around the city. Through their brutalist and modern styles, these new buildings do stick out from the rest, but don’t interfere with the city’s low skyline.

Copenhagen has many restaurants under their sustainable philosophy, having organic or largely organic menus. Whether its Italian cuisine, Nordic cuisine or a Danish hot dog, tasty and organic options are usually available.


Not only are restaurants an experience but also the many stalls that can be found on the streets of the harbour city, that operate under the same philosophy.

There are many possibilities to traverse the city, If the weather is agreeable, the best way is to either walk or to rent a bike (available from most hotels) and take advantage of the city’s many bicycle tracks.


Most surrounding districts are all within walking or biking distance and many of the downtown streets are pedestrian only, making a walk through the bustling city a delight.

See you in Copenhagen for ECCMID 2023!