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Session types

We strive for the congress sessions to be targeted to participants with different levels of experience and professional backgrounds. ECCMID 2023 will include different session formats. Here you can find a brief description for each of them. The programme will also be complemented by special sessions such as the Open Forum, Selective-Pressure Quiz show and other ad hoc formats.


Session typeDescriptionStructure

Keynote lecture (60’)

Keynote Lectures target a broad audience (specialists and non-specialists). The speakers are leaders in their fields that will present an excellent review of a specific topic, including summary of their scientific achievements in the field. Topics should focus on cutting-edge science concerning “hot” topics in CM/ID.

45-50’ talk + Q&A

1 speaker

2 chairpersons from two different countries

Keynote Scientific interviews (60’)

Keynote Scientific Interviews feature two experts taking the role of interviewer (moderator) and interviewee (keynote speaker) and discussing current experience and future challenges in CM/ID. Interviewer and interviewee may be known to have a different opinion on a specific topic or to have taken different approaches to tackle a similar situation.

45-50’ interview + Q&A

A keynote interviewee and a moderator from two different countries
Fireplace SessionsClosed meetings (requiring pre-registration), aimed at generating informal discussions with ESCMID trainees and early career members. The session takes place after the Keynote Lecture/Scientific Interview and is moderated by the same chairperson(s).

60 min interactive conversation with audience

1 speaker (Keynote speaker)

1-2 chairpersons

Symposia (60’ / 120’)

Symposia convene renowned speakers from around the world and cover a wide range of topics in clinical microbiology, infectious diseases, and infection control. Symposia are tailored to give a state-of-the-art overview of recent developments and research results, review the literature, or present as pro/con debates. The latter is typically a one-hour symposium.

1-hour Symposium

2 talks of 25’ + 5 min Q&A each

2 speakers from two different countries

2 chairpersons from two additional countries

2-hour Symposium

4 talks of 25’ + 5 min Q&A each

4 speakers from at least three different countries

2 chairpersons from two additional countries if possible

Meet-the-expert Session (60’)

These sessions involve two speakers (named “Experts”) and target a smaller audience. The topics should have practical relevance. The session should allow for active discussion with the experts and include the exchange of personal views, direct interaction with audience, discussion of cases and experiences on a matter (eg “how best to ...” sessions).

2 speakers from two different countries delivering short introductory talks (10-12’), elaborating on a common topic, followed by interactive discussion and audience engagement which are the core of this session format.

No chairperson

Educational Workshops (120’)

Educational Workshops contain review talks and/or case studies that lend themselves to discussions. The goal of this format is education through interactivity. Individual talks should be complementary and cohesive within the workshop. Workshops can also involve case discussions and be interactive.

3 talks of 30’ each + 30’ discussion

3 speakers from three different countries

2 chairpersons from two additional countries if possible (one chairperson may be selected out of the speakers)

In special circumstances, 3h EW sessions may be considered
Open ForumsOpen forums are held during the lunch break in designated open spaces (Arenas) where speakers discuss with the audience ideas and views on a particular issue. Typically, Open Forums feature controversies and policy-related aspects. Speakers can make use of electronic presentations, but that is not mandatory. The allocation of time to presentations and discussions is tailored for each session, depending on its specific agenda.

3-5 speakers

1-2 chairperson(s)
Pipeline CornersThis session type allows small innovative pharmaceutical companies and start-ups, with early-stage diagnostic or therapeutic solutions, to present their products to a wider audience. For details on Pipeline Corners, please see the Exhibition Guide. These sessions are held in designated open space Arenas.

4-6 pitches from different companies/institutions/start-ups

1 chairperson
Selective Pressure: Quiz Show

Selective Pressure is the new ECCMID 2023 competitive quiz show, where groups of 4 persons can apply for participation in this brand-new interactive session. The moderator of the session is Prof. Jesús Rodriguez-Bano. Get ready for applying with your colleagues in January 2023. 

Members of the ESCMID community are welcome to contribute with quiz questions – this call will be open from September – December 2022.  

All ECCMID 2023 participants are welcome to attend this session for an interactive educational and entertaining experience.

More details on Selective-Pressure Quiz show will be available here in early 2023.
Oral SessionsOral Sessions bring the most recent scientific findings. Each session features a range of selected abstracts covering a specific topic (commonly top-rated abstracts within a category).

1-hour oral session

5 talks of 12’ each including discussion.

2 chairpersons

2-hour oral session

10 talks of 12’ each including discussion.

2 chairpersons

Clinical Case Cessions

Case sessions feature case reports or small case series selected from submitted abstracts, which are discussed to highlight clinical lessons or share clinical experience. They are therefore meant to be instructive. Case sessions usually lump together cases from a related clinical or microbiological field.

5 talks of around 11’ minutes each including discussion.

5’ of commentary from the chair at the conclusion of the session.  

1 chairperson.

ePoster flash sessions

NEW to ECCMID 2023

These are oral sessions featuring selected abstracts. Speakers will present the highlights of their research work using their ePosters. These sessions take place in designated open space Arenas.

9 speakers of 6’ each including discussion

(presentation from the ePosters uploaded to ECCMID 2023 platform, rather than a powerpoint presentation is required)

1 chairperson
1-hour TAE Research Bites sessionThis session is new to ECCMID 2023 and aims to encourage oral presentations by young, less experienced, and economically disadvantaged scientists who strive to present at ECCMID. In preparation for this session, speakers are coached by the TAE/SAS senior members.

6 speakers, 10 min each (7 min presentation + 3 min Q&A)

2 chairpersons

Poster sessionsPoster sessions feature accepted abstracts that have not been assigned to oral sessions. Accepted posters are usually available during poster sessions as well as electronically.Paper Poster sessions are organised by sub-category of the posters and the exact schedule of the poster sessions will be communicated in January 2023.